The Coaching Culture Circle Conference & Awards 2024

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Balancing High-Touch Leadership in a High-Tech World

Date: 18th & 19th, September 2024

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About the Conference 2024

Join India’s largest coaching culture event

Amidst the age of artificial intelligence and automation, the essence of leadership remains rooted in timeless values—compassion, empathy, and genuine connection.
Our annual conference is your gateway to discovering the art of striking a harmonious balance between harnessing technological advancements and nurturing the boundless potential of humanity.

Explore diverse viewpoints from renowned speakers on cutting-edge coaching methodologies and L&D best practices, featuring leading CHROs, thought leaders, and researchers worldwide.

Participate in hands-on workshops with experienced coaches. Learn actionable techniques, engage in role-playing, and enhance your coaching toolkit.

Connect, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships in our networking sessions. Collaborate and explore new possibilities with fellow professionals.

Discover the latest trends, research, and case studies showcasing coaching's transformative impact. From executive coaching to team dynamics, explore practical applications that enhance leadership effectiveness.

Event highlight

25+ Insightful Sessions

30+ Global Speakers

15 Special Awards across 3 categories

Incredible Networking Opportunities

Thrilling Games and Competitions

30+ Global Speakers

Glimpse of Our Speakers List 2024

S.V. Nathan

S.V. Nathan

Co-founder and Chairman of Visara Human Capital Consulting.

Aadesh Goyal

Aadesh Goyal

Global CHRO Tata Communications

Robert Garcia

Vice President at International Coaching Federation

Hani Nabeel

Published Author | Chief Behavioural Scientist at iPsychTec.

Dr. Aquil Bursai

Certified Executive Coach with over 47 years of industry experience.

Betska K-Burr

MPC, Accredited Master Coach (IAPC&M), ICF ACC. Co-President, Head of Research, Development and Training Coaching and Leadership International Inc.

David Liddle

David Liddle

CEO of the TCM Group and president of the People and Culture Association.

Advita Patel

Director of CommsRebel and co-host of the podcast CalmEdgedRebels.

Natal Dank

Natal Dank

Published Author | Agile HR & Agile L&D Author | Keynote Speaker

Kasper Spiro

Kasper Spiro

Published Author | Co-founder and Chief Learning Strategist at Easygenerator.

Neeru Mehta

CHRO | A certified coach in leadership and transition coaching.

Andy Lancaster

Published Author | Chief Learning Officer at Reimagine People Development consultancy.

Abhay Kapoor

Abhay Kapoor

CHRO Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited

Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj

Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj

Published Author | Associate Professor at HEC Paris in Qatar.

Adarsh Mishra

Adarsh Mishra

Director & CHRO Panasonic Life Solutions India

Puneet Rajput

Puneet Rajput

CHRO Piramal Group

Dr. Ana Lueneburger

Published Author | Executive Leadership Coach & Psychotherapist

Saurabh Mukherjea

Saurabh Mukherjea

Published Author | Marcellus Investment Managers

Katja Schipperheijn

Katja Schipperheijn

International Award Winning Author

Books from the Speaker's Desk

About the Awards 2024

The Coaching Culture Circle Awards are dedicated to honoring Indian organizations that excel in cultivating a robust coaching culture. Our mission is to recognize organizations committed to transforming their culture through coaching, thereby unlocking the highest potential of their people and driving sustainable growth and innovation.

The recent global changes have fundamentally reshaped the way we work. In this new landscape, leaders have stepped up, implementing comprehensive coaching initiatives that not only ensure employee development but also propel their organizations toward unprecedented growth. This is the epitome of a thriving coaching culture at its best!

The Coaching Culture Circle Awards serve as a prestigious event to gather the brightest minds in the realm of organizational coaching. We aim to ignite meaningful discussions around the challenges, innovative ideas, and effective solutions for leadership development by enhancing coaching cultures across various industries. By highlighting exemplary achievements, we strive to motivate all leaders, L&D professionals, and HR professionals to champion the growth of coaching cultures within their organizations.

Join us as we applaud these organizations for their commitment to building thriving workplaces where employees can reach their full potential, lead the way with their outstanding coaching cultures, and support the vision and growth of their organizations.

Award Categories

Coaching Culture Circle Awards 2024

Winning organizations from previous seasons

Compelling reasons to apply for the Coaching Culture Circle Awards

Invest in your success and employee motivation

Participating in the Awards will boost your organization’s growth and employee development, significantly enhancing morale and pride.

Industry benchmarking and leadership

Compare your coaching strategies with industry leaders and position your company as a frontrunner in building a coaching culture.

Innovation and empowerment

Showcase your organizations innovative coaching practices and share how coaching has empowered your employees, building a culture of curiosity and learning.

Validation and corporate image

Validate your team’s efforts, enhance your corporate image, and differentiate your brand by showcasing your commitment to a strong coaching culture.

Marketing and PR advantage

Enhance your marketing campaigns and gain substantial PR opportunities, improving brand visibility, reputation, and customer trust.

Thought leadership and networking

Connect with thought leaders and seasoned coaches, to gain insights and network globally. Winning or being nominated offers growth opportunities, encouraging a supportive learning ecosystem despite physical events.

Business Categories


Recognizing entities registered in India with a tenure of not more than seven years and an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 5 crore, demonstrating innovation, scalability, and potential for employment generation or wealth creation.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Acknowledging independently owned and operated enterprises, with turnovers ranging from Rs. 5 crores to Rs. 1000 crores, catering to local markets with known products and customers.

Large Enterprises

Honoring organizations employing over 1000 individuals, with turnovers exceeding Rs. 1000 crores, boasting domestic and international office locations, and possessing a dedicated IT staff, including specialists.

These categories ensure fair recognition across various organizational sizes, encouraging participation and celebrating achievements at every level of the business spectrum.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The organization must be a registered publicly or privately held business startup, SME, or large enterprise that utilizes coaching practices within their operations.
  • The organization must have a minimum of one certified/accredited coach associated with the organization (internal/external).
  • The organization must be willing to share any information regarding the coaching practices within the organization required by the Jury.
  • Organizations should register to enter no later than the 31st of July, 2024
  • Organizations should be able to provide a case study of coaching practices within the organization.
  • All questions in the form must be answered diligently.
  • Organizations must be ready to partake in an interview session if required and must appoint a point of contact for the same.

Award Evaluation Process


Step 1

Fill out the online form to register your organization for the Awards

Step-2 Register

Step 2

Complete registration and complete the assessment that will be sent to you.

Step-3 FGD-for-awards

Step 3

Focused group discussion where your organization shares your people’s experience with the coaching culture


Step 4

HR discussion round where you will share your organization’s distinctive coaching practices.


Step 5

Review by the distinguished jury panel


Step 6

Join the Coaching Culture Circle Awards for results

Our Jury

Get recognized for your coaching initiatives

Dr. Paul Lawrence Principal at Leading Systemically, Honorary Research Associate at Oxford Brookes University and Author

Dr. Paul Lawrence

Principal at Leading Systemically, Honorary Research Associate at Oxford Brookes University and Author

Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore

Founder & CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation

Rohit Manucha Chartered FCIPC, SHRM SCP, PCC, ACC, PrC CHRO - SIH AGH | Board Member CTC, UK Member Forbes HR Council

Rohit Manucha

Chartered FCIPC, SHRM SCP, PCC, ACC, PrC CHRO - SIH AGH | Board Member CTC, UK Member Forbes HR Council

Punit Puri EVP & Group CHRO - TATA Motor Finance

Punit Puri

EVP & Group CHRO - TATA Motor Finance

Magdalena Mook CEO of International Coaching Federation

Magdalena Mook

CEO of International Coaching Federation

Dr. Riza Kadilar President of EMCC Global & leadership experience at various international banks

Dr. Riza Kadilar

President of EMCC Global & leadership experience at various international banks

Register your organization for awards

Register as Large Enterprises

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  • Regular price: $549
    (*starting 1st July’24)

Register as SME

  • Early bird price: $249
    (*valid till 30th June’24)
  • Regular price: $399
    (*starting 1st July’24)

Register as Startup

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    (*valid till 30th June’24)
  • Regular price: $299
    (*starting 1st July’24)

Glimpses from previous seasons

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The Coaching Culture Circle Conference is a ground breaking event which is aimed at helping organizations build and scale coaching culture. We believe this is key to unleashing the infinite potential of an individual, team, organization. If you share our vision, or have done substantial work in the area of coaching/ people development, we would love to talk to you for partnership opportunities.
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