Celebrating India’s Top Organizations with Outstanding Coaching Cultures at Work

14th - 15th September 2023
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Embrace the ChangeTalent - Technology - Mindset

Companies are being forced to adapt and evolve at a faster pace than ever before. Those who are willing to embrace this change and continually improve their skill sets will be the ones who thrive in this new landscape.

 It’s time to welcome the future of work with open arms and equip ourselves with the necessary tools to succeed. Learn how coaching can help you embrace the change in talent, for your talent.

As we navigate a world that is rapidly changing and advancing, it is essential that we embrace the technological changes happening around us in order to remain competitive and relevant. 

Whether it’s artificial intelligence or state-of-the-art softwares let’s not be afraid of change, let’s embrace it and pave the way for a brighter and more technologically-advanced future.

 By embracing a new mindset that focuses on innovation, compassion, and agility, employees can bring fresh perspectives to the table and drive success. Change can be daunting, but with the right mindset and approach, and the right coaching approach, it can also lead to tremendous growth and progress. 

It’s time for businesses to shift their thinking and welcome the change with open arms. Join the conference to see how building a coaching culture can help you adapt to the new mindset.

About This Conference

Outstanding Coaching Cultures at Work

Join India’s biggest coaching culture event to learn how to unlock the untapped potential of your workforce and drive unparalleled growth in your organization by attending the Coaching Culture Circle Conference & Awards happening on the 14th and 15th of September ‘23!

Join the two day power pact event to learn how to leverage coaching to adapt to the cutting-edge transformation happening in the corporate world.

With this year's theme being ``Embrace the Change``, we will explore how talent, technology and mindset are transforming the landscape of HR and how you can leverage the power of coaching to embrace this change! Get ready to discover cutting-edge techniques, powerful strategies, and new approaches to unlocking the full potential of your team. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the brightest minds in the HR industry and revolutionize your workplace. We'll see you there!

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Virtual Event: Hubilo Platform

Date & Time

14th - 15th September 2023
9.30 AM - 6.00 PM


30+ Speakers including thought leaders and expert professionals from around the world


A World Class Jury Pane and a Grand Award Ceremony
Awards strive to honor and recognize the top Indian Organizations with outstanding work towards building and sustaining Coaching Cultures.


Coaching Culture Circle Awards 2023

Participate in the Coaching Culture Circle Conference and Awards strive to honor and recognise the top Indian Organizations with outstanding work towards building and sustaining Coaching Cultures.

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How to participate

Step 1 - Enroll

Complete the online nomination form below to enroll your organization for the Coaching Culture Circle Award 2022.

Last Date: 25th July ‘23

Step 2 - Assessment

Complete the registration and take the assessment. Participate in audit conversations, if shortlisted.

Last Date: 10th August ‘23

Step 3 - Results

Join the Coaching Culture Circle Conference for the results and get insights to improve.

Result Date: 14th - 15th September ‘23


The Jury Panel is carefully curated to include the best thought leaders in the coaching industry. Entries are carefully evaluated by an internationally influential and renowned jury panel of the diverse background of Academicians, CEOs, HR Leaders, Coaching Accreditation Leaders, and Renowned Coach Personalities.

Magdalena MookMagdalena Mook
Magdalena Mook
Magdalena MookCEO of International Coaching Federation
Punit PuriPunit Puri
Punit Puri
Punit PuriExecutive Vice President and Group CHRO of Tata Motors Finance
Dr. Riza KadilarDr. Riza Kadilar
Dr. Riza Kadilar
Dr. Riza KadilarPresident of EMCC Global & leadership experience at various international banks
Jeffrey HullJeffrey Hull
Jeffrey Hull
Jeffrey HullExecutive Director, Institute of Coaching, McLean/Harvard Medical School, Harvard Faculty.
Rohit ManuchaRohit Manucha
Rohit Manucha
Rohit ManuchaChartered FCIPC, SHRM SCP, PCC, ACC, PrC CHRO - SIH AGH | Board Member CTC, UK Member Forbes HR Council

Nomination for Large Enterprise

Nomination for SME

Nomination for Startups


Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the conference.
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What is the Coaching Culture Circle Award?

The Coaching Culture Circle Conference is India’s first and largest event that will bring together Industry Experts and Thought Leaders from across the Globe on to one platform to impart their knowledge and expertise on how organisations can create a true competitive edge by building the best internal coaching cultures.

How do I register for the Conference?

You can register by filling out the form on this link: Buy Tickets

What is the cost to attend?

Please visit our registration page for pricing information.

What is included in the full registration price?

Your ticket will give you full access to:

  • The Keynote Session with the biggest coaching personality in the industry
  • All Session Tracks with the world renowned Thought Leaders
  • The Groundbreaking Roundtable Discussion with Expert Panellists 
  • The highly interactive Workshops 
  • Networking opportunities with the best in the industry 
  • Attendance to the Coaching Culture Circle Awards Ceremony – Celebrating India’s Top 100 Organizations with Outstanding  Coaching Culture at Work 
  • Access to various disruptive coaching frameworks, technologies and models and the latest findings on coaching cultures from experts
  • On-demand session content

How can I access the conference and navigate the sessions?

Registered attendees will receive attendee communications prior to the start of the virtual conference with additional information on navigating the platform.

Will I be able to access sessions after the conference is over?

Yes, recorded versions of the sessions will be available to all those who register for a period of 30 days.

Can I ask questions/interact with speakers at the Conference?

Yes, there will be a Q&A segment at the end of each Speaker Session where you will be able to interact with the Speakers.

Are there any special device or bandwidth requirements for me to engage in the Conference?

To participate, you need an Internet connection and web browser. We recommend hi-speed internet for the best viewing experience.

What is the Coaching Culture Circle Awards?

The Coaching Culture Circle Awards strive to honour and recognise the top Indian Organisations with outstanding work towards building and sustaining Coaching Cultures. 

With the backing of extensive research and careful consideration we have crafted 5 Awards that will be given to 15 of the best Indian organisations that have shown great success in building or sustaining coaching cultures in their organisations based on a thorough analysis by our World Class Jury.

Where is the Conference Held?

The Conference will be a hybrid event. The First Day of the Conference and the first half of the second day will take place on a virtual platform, where you will have a chance to hear from some of the most renowned speakers in the coaching industry. 

The Award Ceremony, taking place on the second half of the second day will take place in Hyderabad.

How can I participate in the Award Program?

You can nominate your organisation through the following link: 

Once registered, you will be sent the Questionnaire, scoring guide and further instructions.

What are the eligibility criteria to participate?

  • The organisation  must be a registered publicly or privately held business startup, SME or organisation that uses coaching practises within their organisation
  • The organisation  must have a minimum of one certified/accredited coach associated with the it (internal/external)
  • The organisation must be willing to share any information regarding the coaching practises within the organisation required by the Jury
  • Organisations should register to enter no later than the 20th of March 2022
  • Organisations  should be able to provide case study of coaching practices within the organisation
  • All the questions in the form must be answered diligently
  • Organisations must be ready to partake in an interview session if required and must appoint a point of contact for the same.

How Are the Winners Selected?

The winners will be selected after careful consideration and analysis of all the nominees. 

Once you submit your questionnaire, our Internal Assessment Team will conduct an analysis using the state of the art Coaching Culture Maturity Model. 

Based on your standing score in the Coaching Culture Maturity Model, you will be shortlisted for an interview to validate your responses and confirm your qualification for the Jury Panel. 

Once qualified, your organisation will be sent to the Jury Panel for their final analysis and identification of the winners.

What is the Jury Panel?

The Jury Panel has been carefully curated to include 10 of the best thought leaders in the coaching industry. These include Academicians, CEOs, HR Experts, Coaching Accreditation Leaders and Renowned Coaches.

What benefit do I receive if I am part of it?

  1. A Certificate of ‘Best 100 Organisations with Coaching Cultures in India’, signed by the World Class Jury Panel.
  2. Media coverage as the best 100 Organisations with Coaching Cultures in India.
  3. The Award of  ‘Best 100 Organisations with Coaching Cultures in India’ in the Coaching Culture Circle Award Ceremony as a part of the Coaching Culture Circle Conference.
  4. Exclusive social media post for the winner across our social media platforms.

Is there a participation fee for enrolling?

Yes, there is a participation fee for enrolling. Based on the category of your organisation the fee structure is as follows:

  • $100 for Startups
  • $150 for SMEs
  • $250 for Enterprises 

Do I have to enroll separately for each category?

Yes, you must enroll based on the category of your organisation.

What are the next steps once I finish registering?

Once registered, you will be sent the Questionnaire, the scoring guide and further instructions.

What is Coaching Marathon?

Coaching Marathon is a drive to share the concept of coaching with the participants and make it available to all who opt for it, irrespective of their hierarchy. Since a marathon is an activity that lasts for a long time, the coaching marathon will commence with the conference and end at the closure of the conference.

Who can participate in Coaching Marathon?

Audiences joining the conference from various industries can join the Marathon as a Coach or Coachee

Who can participate as a Coach in Coaching Marathon?

Only certified and accredited Coaches can participate as a coach and conduct coaching sessions for the coachees.

Why should Coaches participate in Coaching Marathon?

Be part of the first-ever Coaching Marathon & contribute in a world record in making
Certification of participation in the Coaching Marathon
Showcase your skills and network with potential clients
Interact with other coaches in the community
Be part of an upcoming largest coaching culture community in India

Why should the audience take part in Coaching Marathon?

Get one-on-one coaching with the Coach of your choice
48hrs of unlimited access to Coach Pool @ Conference
Block your convenient slot and spend 45 minutes with a Certified Coach
Experience the impact of coaching.
Get a Certificate of participation.

If you still have unanswered questions after reading this page, please contact us.

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We are open from 9.30 AM — 6.00 PM week days.

Due to the rising cases of covid-19, the Conference and Awards will now take place virtually. Tune in from the comfort of your home/workspace.